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Our Solution


SGL is at the forefront of cutting edge pose detection technologies. Defined movement tracking on indoor physical activities and stimulation of the mind brings the outdoors in and has never been more desired or needed since the outbreak of COVID-19. Partnering with global health and fitness sectors and cultures from around the world is opening incredible doors. We understand people are looking for more opportunities in health and fitness and there is a clear and current wave of change. We also understand the desire for a more accurate assessment of movements and the best health practices which are not limited to outdoor training but also on an immersive and fully interactive indoor platform. Our gamification features and design will bring playgrounds of fun and entertainment and help millions. Interactivity is engaging and our passion is to stimulate the senses while bringing people together has never been more desired.

Gamification to
Game Play


Our applications allow users the capacity to have sensor guided health, fitness and wellbeing through our proprietary technologies and interactive experiences. This technology is based on computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural network learning while diving deep into gamification and simulation of the senses.

Interactive Pure


SGL is introducing innovative, progressive applications by extending the capabilities of the camera function which is now standard in most mobile devices. Incorporating our unique learning algorithms with real time feedback, SGL is proud to introduce you to interactive global health and detection technologies for fitness of the body and mind.

Our Product

SGL introduces you to our “Pose Detection” software solution available on Android, iOS and Web. This technology breakthrough transforms your mobile device into an interactive body and mind experience with real motion sensor feedback. Our Pose Detection solutions monitor your movements as you participate in game-like scenarios cast onto a television or screen.

Tailored for All and Everyone

People with poor health or obesity. Anyone desiring mental stimulation to help move.
The aging population. Those in overcrowded or challenging environments. Gymnasiums, trainers and the health, fitness and wellbeing sectors. People looking for a fun and affordable indoor alternative or accompaniment to their current routines. The active and those looking for a challenge or competition. Medical rehabilitation practitioners and online health providers.

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